Loading up Our Hearts

Pr. 2 by Jacob Hall

The Importance of Sevice Learning

It is important because it helps others and make others happy.


One person can make a difference because one person can influence others to come and help others.
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SVdP's Food Pantry Impact

Family Outreach Program

This program is committed to giving nutritious meals to people and families living under poverty levels. The program is independent and is not based on any religion and it does not discriminate against race religion or sexuality.
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My experience

I met some very kind people while volunteering. I did many things while I was there I packed boxes I helped load up a truck. I helped clean up. It helped me meet some very nice people and learn about how this one guy who got up at three in the morning went to work and then came here to help other people, he said he did this because he liked to help people.

Jths Character

The people all around me in this program were extremely companionate. They respect everyone around them and were just happy you were there to help the community. They saw it as a responsibility to help others. They were confident that they were making a difference.

in conclusion

Every little bit helps and, and one person can make a difference and cause a change.

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