Meteor Apocalypse

Meteors are Going to End the World

Distinction of Dinosaurs

The most famous asteroid ever is the one that hit Earth 65 million years ago. It's thought that this asteroid threw so much moisture and dust in to the atmosphere that it cut off sunlight, lowering temperatures worldwide and causing the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Asteroid 1997XF11

In 2028, an asteroid will come extremely close to Earth but will miss the planet. If something were to change and it did hit Earth, it would strike the planet's surface at about 30,000 mph. An asteroid that big traveling at that speed has the energy roughly equal to a 1 million megaton bomb. It's very likely that an asteroid like this would wipe out most of the life on the planet.

Although it shows that it will not be hitting Earth, this meteor is too close to call.

93 More Years til Human Race is Extinct

Russian astronomers have discovered a new doomsday scenario.

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Possible Metor Impacts

The possibilities of a meteor passing through the ellipse and going to Earth for August 6, 2044 and August 7, 2046 each require passage through only a single keyhole in the 2027 ellipse, and the probabilities of impact for these cases are larger than normal. There is one chance in 500,000 for 2044, and one chance in five million for 2046.
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The Bible knows our fate

Although some may not be religious, this is too real not to believe.

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Meteor Shower

This is an annual meteor shower that is famously known as the "Leonid Shower". In Arizona 1966 the meteor shower rained 2,300 meteors per minute for 20 minutes.

not just the impact....

Yes, thousands will be instantly smashed to death by the impact of the meteor, but that's not what kills off the rest of the planet. Right after reaching earth, everyone within hundreds of miles will be completely incinerated because of the heat. The impact will also create such a force that the tectonic plates will move and earthquakes will occur all around. Even volcanoes will pop open and burn more humans to death. The rest who have survived will slowly starve to death due to the ash in the sky blocking the sun and slowly kill crops and cutting our supply of food. It may not all happen within seconds, but everyone will be dead.