Kobe Champion's Best Work Of 2015!!

by Kobe Champion


Some of my best work in Technology class came from when I made my three collages. Each one was made with pictures from my iPhone 5 S and each picture was either one of my friends, my family, or me. In the end, when I picked a good design and layout of each one of my collages, it turned out very professional and looked like a lot of work was put into each individual one.

Collage 1

Collage 2

Collage 3


The was a time where I had made a stop motion video for my Technology class. Actually, two stop motion videos. One was made on We Video and another one was made on another site that I can't remember. Both videos took a full day to make and edit, along with the music that took an additional five hours to make sound good. In the end, my one minute and forty-two second video looked new and very, very cool.
Goodbye Seniors!

This is the letter that I wrote to all the seniors. It was very creative and also very imaginative. I really put a lot of effort and time into creating an inspiring and really amazing letter. In the end, the entire thing turned out very awesome.

Blogger Assignment

For my Blogger assignment, I created fourteen blogs that talked about different subjects and topics. Some talked about the classes I was taking, and others talked about my future and where I'm going to be heading off to. Each one had lots of pages and pictures that showed or talked about my life, what I was doing with my life, and what I really enjoy currently. I spent a long time on each individual blog and showed what I was like in each one. In the end, I felt like my blogs were very creative and very interesting at the same time. Below is the link to all of the blogs that I created.