Drama Assignments

Do Something Different with Self-Selected and Hamlet

Drama Self-Selected - Differentiated Assignment

Here's an alternate assignment which will fulfill your "Drama Self-Selected" assignment: Instead of reading a new drama, choose an authentic drama which has been presented in video format.

You can complete all the assignments; however, you just will refer to the recorded drama (vhs, dvd, Netflix, Amazon Prime, old fashion movie theater, etc...). Use the provided list of suggested dramas to read as a starting point; however, you can opt for other dramas. If you choose this, make sure the film is school and parent appropriate. Email Ms. Gasaway if you are uncertain.

Scholar Point Opportunity: Submit all the "Drama Response Sheets" to the Scholar Point dropbox for scholar points. Awesome.

Scholar Point Opportunity - Extra Grade Opportunity - I have made the "Critical Review Essay" optional; however, you may earn an extra major grade plus scholar points. Here's the plan: You may submit a FORMAL ESSAY with a Works Cited page, or you may present a more casual critical review using a SMORE, power point, video, or something equally engaging. Either way, be sure to include a Works Cited page which indicates the film and the resources consulted or used.

Hamlet - Explication

Not feeling the paper? Do you want to meet your requirement in a different way? Meet your curriculum requirements by doing the following:
Choose a significant soliloquy from a Shakespearean play. It could be Hamlet or another Shakespearean play with which you are familiar.
Instead of writing a formal paper, present your information in a bullet list or power point presentation:
  • Identify the play and soliloquy
  • Identify the speaker
  • Summarize the the soliloquy (1 Paragraph or 1 set of bullet points)
  • Discuss the meaning of the passage (1 Paragraph or 1 set of bullet points)
  • Works Cited: Include at least two academic resources you consulted. One source is the play itself; another source is a type of informative literary criticism. Remember, wikipedia, Schmoop, CliffsNotes (or similar) and/or general encyclopedias are not legitimate sources.

Compile the above information and submit.