How can you raise awareness about invisible populations?

What is Invisibility?

  • Invisibility is the state of someone or something that cannot be seen with the eyes.
  • Not easily noticed or detected.
  • Not accessible to view.
  • Not published in financial statements.

How can you raise awareness about invisible populations?

There are three types of invisibility that are found in the three sources...

  1. Real invisibility.
  2. Invisible to ideas and speaking.
  3. Invisibility to meet new people and to make friends

Things Not Seen

This book follows a young boy named Bobby Phillips as he takes a journey to get rid of his invisible self. Along the way he will meet some people who will help him throughout the book such as Alicia and Sheila they are a big part of a great story.

  1. Bobby feels invisible because no one will listen to his theory or ideas on trying to get un-invisible (Clements 1).
  2. Sheila is invisible just like Bobby but she wants to stay invisible because she doesn't want to worry about her weight and looks she can just be herself (Clements 203).
  3. Alicia isn't invisible like Bobby and Sheila but she is invisible in her own way as she is blind(Clements 27).

“The Circuit”

“The Circuit” is a little story that involves a working family that has immigrated into America. Weeks after weeks they would move to find new grounds with new work.

He would finally have a school that was great and that people worked with him in.

He came home only to find out that they were moving yet again.

This shows invisibility because he cannot make friends due to him moving.

  1. He feels invisible because he cannot keep friends, while he moves from place to place as his family moves for work. He may not be invisible like Bobby in Things Not Seen but he is invisible in his own way. (Jimenez 5).

"Homeless Children Article"

These children are invisible, one of the biggest factors include homelessness. Numbers alone state how much of a problem this, as of 2013 over 2.5 million children are homeless in the USA. Being homeless may make these children invisible because they may keep these problems secret or even pays attention to them.

  1. These children cannot make friends like the child in "The Circuit" (NEWSELA 1).
  2. The family has trouble with work as immigrants (NEWSELA 1).
  3. He is the only one to go to school (NEWSELA 1.

Here is a video of how invisible the homeless really are....

Have the Homeless Become Invisible?


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