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There are all types of angles! Acure.... Right... Obtuse... Straight... All types

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Triangles and Quadrilaterals!

Let's start with triangles, thare are all kinds of triangles! Three main parts are isosceles... an isosceles is a triangle with 2 congruent sides and angles... an equilateral triangle has all sides the same angles and sides (congruent everything!) and last and also least a scalene triangle has one side and a one congruent angle! Also all the triangles except equaladeral could be right, obtuse, or acute! Now to Quadralaterals a quadrilaterall is a four sided polygon... a paralelogram has opposite sides congruent and angles also opposite sides are parallel. A rectangle has all angles right and opposite sides are parallel. A square has all right angles and everything is congruent! A rhombus has opposite sides parallel and opposite angles are congruent. Last and also least a trapazoid has exactly one pair of parallel sides!


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