From Trees to Paper

By: Allison Steele

The Great and Awsome Paper!

Paper is used almost everything. You can draw on it or write on it. Don't you remember using paper. Great!

From Tree to Factory

Paper starts as trees. Then they get cut down the tree , there is 2 types of trees hardwood and softwood trees. The hardwood trees are oak and maple trees. The softwood trees fir and pine trees The fiber in the tree makes the paper. Now days they use both hardwood and softwood trees. Then, it is shipped to the factory.

At the Factory

Now that the fiber from the tree they need the ingredients with is the fiber, water, wood, and energy. They need all of the ingredients to make paper. Then it gets chopped up into oatmeal substance or pulp. Next it is made flat into a mat of paper. It is also wound and cut and is colored or kept white. Finally it is packaged.

To the Store

After the packaging it gets shipped to the distribution center. It's at the distribution center and it waits til it is sold or it goes to the store.

What Paper is used for

You can recycle paper and it can be reused. Paper is also in uses of paper towels and toilet paper, newspaper, paper bags, tissues, books, and notebooks.Also it can be bought in big or little amounts.
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