Percy Jackson

and the Battle of the Labyrinth


Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth, the book I read for my IRP visual, is a stunning rendition of Percy's sojourn in the Labyrinth, a twisting and perplexing maze famous in Greek mythology. This novel, which was written by Rick Riordan, is of fantasy genre, and it describes Percy's experience in finding his way through the maze.


Percy Jackson: The narrator of the story, a demigod/half-blood that is a member of a quest to the Labyrinth, he is very intrepid when he fights monsters. With his sword Riptide (Ankalusmos in Greek) at his side, Percy will fight anyone and anything for the safety of his friends. I would give him an award for being the Most Intrepid because he defends his loved ones and gets into fights so that they remain safe.

Annabeth Chase: One of the protagonists of the story, she and Luke Castellan have been at Camp Half-Blood for eight years. Being a daughter of Athena, she is a very smart person who can (intellectually) battle anyone in her way. Her secret weapon is a New York Yankees baseball cap that can turn her invisible, making it easy to fight or hide so that she can defeat her enemies. I would give her an award for being the Most Discerning because whatever the problem is, Annabeth can solve it through her vast knowledge and common sense.

Rachel Elizabeth Dare: Daughter of a rich businessman, she is a mortal that can see through the Mist, like Percy's mother and Princess Ariadne. This also means that she can navigate the Labyrinth without anything, which is why Percy asked her to help navigate the maze. She has no weapons, just her natural vision and a love for art. I would give her an award for being the Most Artistic.

Luke Castellan: Luke is the son of Hermes, and one of the best swordsmen that the camp has ever seen. However, due to his hatred of the gods for not acknowledging what he has done, but still criticizing his failures, he turns to Kronos, the king Titan who is seeking revenge against the gods. Throughout the series, he is known for his vast knowledge of the camp, so much that Annabeth says "If anyone knew that there was a Labyrinth entrance here at camp, it would be Luke. He knew everything about camp."

Grover: A cheerful satyr that tries to be the best at what he does, his ancestors died searching for Pan, god of nature and the wild, so Grover plans to find where he is hiding, and be the first satyr to do so. In this novel, he is upset by the fact that Pan tells him, "Tell the satyrs that the great god Pan is dead. There is no more wild, therefore I am fading because my life force is dwindling." Yet he feels a sense of importance because he finally met the slivers of Pan before he was gone forever.

Tyson: A Cyclops that is curious and fun-loving, he tries to stick beside Percy. Good with his hands, kind and selfless, Tyson makes life as Percy Jackson more enjoyable. Whenever he visits, he goes to the Poseidon cabin so that he can be with Percy, and also because he is a part of Poseidon's royal court.

Calypso: Being the only person that resides in Ogygia, her island, she is overjoyed to see Percy arrive, and doesn't want him to leave. She is the daughter of the Titan Atlas, so once the Titans lose to the gods, the gods leave her on a deserted island, occasionally putting her in charge of looking after a hero. The hero is always a male and strong figure to which she looks up to, falls in love with, and is abandoned by because they are required to do something and not stay with her. Percy enjoys her care on Ogygia, but leaves her, promising that he will plant a garden for her in Manhattan, which he does.

Quintus: A disguise by Daedalus (the famous inventor), who is a master swordsman that has a hellhound called Mrs. O'Leary. Daedalus was a genius inventor that was trying to escape death, because King Minos of Crete, who hated him, would send him to Eternal Punishment.


Most of this novel takes place in Camp Half-Blood, however, this novel takes place in the Labyrinth, the most perplexing maze in all of Greek mythology. All parts of this story take place in America, because the Greek gods and their life forces are now in America, due to the concept of Western civilization where the gods move with the fire of the West. Some key components of this book with their "American counterparts":
  • The Labyrinth's heart: Colorado.
  • Hephaestus's forge: Near Mt. St. Helens.
  • Camp Half-Blood: A hill near Manhattan.
  • Underworld: Los Angeles.

What I Learned

In this story, Percy and his friends learn that they are all amazing people - even more so when they work together. This story made me think that if we all put our strengths together, we will thrive to become something greater than we are ourselves. Percy seems to think that he needs to protect his friends, but without them, he wouldn't be as good a fighter - he'd be fending for himself, and he would not have a reason to stay alive. Now, he needs them as a motivation to live. This book also made me think that everybody needs a bit of help sometimes, because as Howard Gardner (inventor of the Multiple Intelligences Theory) would say, everyone does not have all of the intelligences, therefore you need to be surrounded with fellow members of a team in order to be a truly invincible force.