STOMP out bullying

Sarah, Ayeh, Hantai, Samah

The issue of bullying

Bullying can do serious harm to the victim. %14 of students that go to high school have considered suicide and almost %7 have attempted suicide.Bullying is unwanted behavior done by a group of people or a person. Hitting,punching,harassing,teasing are all examples of bullying. That is why we have to step in and stop bullying.
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Bullying - You Can Stop It

If you ever witness bullying step in and stop bullying. If we all work together we can solve the issue of bullying.

How can you prevent bullying

If you want to prevent bullying treat others the way you would want to be treated. Always think before saying / doing something that could hurt someone. If you have bullied in the past apologize to the people you made fun of.

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