THS Continuous Learning Plan

Torrington High School

THS Continuous Learning Plan

Dear Students and Families,

Welcome to the THS Continuous Learning Plan. We are excited to work together to provide you with support and continued learning through this unprecedented time. The THS administration and teachers are working hard to make this experience relevant, engaging, and flexible but also ensures that essential content will be covered. This page provides information on that plan.

Apreciados Estudiantes y Familias,

Bienvenido al Plan de Aprendizaje Continuo de THS. Estamos encantados de trabajar juntos para brindarle apoyo y aprendizaje continuo a través de este tiempo sin precedentes. La administración del THS y los maestros están trabajando duro para que esta experiencia sea relevante, atractiva y flexible, pero también se asegura de que el contenido esencial será cubierto. Esta página proporciona información sobre ese plan.

The goals for the THS Continuous Learning Plan are:

  • to be flexible and responsive to student and family needs
  • to communicate and partner with families as this is vital to distance learning
  • to continue student learning in a new way
  • to support students in the effective use of the online learning tools
  • to connect with all of of our students and support their diverse learning needs
  • to provide timely and frequent feedback on student learning

Cuáles son los objetivos iniciales del Plan de Aprendizaje Continuo de Torrington?

· Comprender las necesidades de los estudiantes y de las familias

· Comunicarse y asociarse con las familias, ya que esto es vital para el aprendizaje a distancia

· Continuar el aprendizaje del estudiante a través del aprendizaje en línea

· Conectarnos con todos nuestros estudiantes

· Proporcionar comentarios oportunos y frecuentes sobre el aprendizaje de los estudiantes

Student Services Continuous Learning Plan

Information regarding supports and plans for Special Education and 504 during distance learning.

How to Engage in the Online Learning Plan:

Check Email- Check your Torrington student email account daily for updates.

Odyssey Online Learning - This engaging online curriculum is designed to help students meet the standards and current curriculum as well as the state's graduation requirements. The students will engage in rigorous and interactive courses that the teachers can adjust to meet the needs of each student. The work will be focused on content the students need to learn.

Login information follows the following format:

1. Use

2. Username: The username is your COMPLETE last name and 5 digit student number (all lowercase, no spaces)

Example: schapp12345 (PLEASE NOTE – if your name has a hyphen or any other symbol, DO NOT use the symbol!!

Example: last name is schapp-jones – username is schappjones

3. Password for ALL students is 123456.

Google Classroom - Teachers who will be using Google Classroom will contact students directly as assignments are posted. Teachers will focus on work that is most essential. The workload will be reasonable and balanced with their other courses.

THS Music lessons can be found at this site.

Suggested Schedule: In order to navigate this new learning, it is important for students to set up a daily schedule. THS staff recommends that high school students participate in 3 hours of learning each day.

Office Hours: School staff (teachers, counselors, special services) are holding office hours and can be contacted in various ways to answer your questions click here for a link for a list of staff and how to contact them. Teachers will be checking their emails three times per day.

Details Regarding Quarter 4 and Year 1 Grades -

  • Quarter 3 grades will be recorded on student transcripts using our traditional grading system.
  • A grade of Incomplete may be given if students don' t engage in distance learning.
  • Grading and UCONN/ECE courses will be dictated by their governing institutions.
  • AP Classes will adhere to the THS grading policies. - Quarter 4 will be assessed according to a Pass/Fail scale.
  • Weighting for GPA - Q1 30%, Q2 30%, Midterm 10%, Q3 30%, Q4 Pass/Fail.
  • Final numeric grade will be recorded on transcript and reported out to colleges.
  • Final exams will not be given.

The following grading system will be used for Quarter 4 and Semester 2 (PowerSchool will be adjusted to reflect these descriptors):

  • Pass with Distinction
  • Pass - Incomplete (with a designated timeline for work completion)
  • Fail (Only if no work is completed within the designated timeline)

Expectations for Students

  • All students should be completing assignments and will receive feedback.

  • Students can demonstrate their mastery of learning objectives by completing learning tasks.

  • Students will submit assignments digitally.

  • Students will contact classroom teachers for academic support.

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First Day Check-In Form

Complete this check-in survey to let us know how its going.

Counseling Check-In Request Form

In order to support our students in these challenging times, we have created a counseling request form that will allow us to prioritize and track follow ups to students in need of basic/first-aid mental health services.

Como participaran los estudiantes en el aprendizaje en línea?

Aprendizaje en línea de Odyssey - Este atractivo plan de estudios en línea está diseñado para ayudar a los estudiantes a cumplir con los estándares y el plan de estudios actual, así como los requisitos de graduación del estado. Los estudiantes participarán en cursos rigurosos e interactivos que los profesores pueden ajustar para satisfacer las necesidades de cada estudiante. El trabajo se centrará en el contenido que los estudiantes necesitan aprender.

Google Classroom - Algunos profesores publicarán tareas en esta plataforma que describen las expectativas de aprendizaje de la semana. Los maestros se centrarán en el trabajo que es más esencial. La carga de trabajo será razonable y equilibrada con sus otros cursos

Como se comunicara con el profesor?

Horario de oficina: El personal de la escuela (maestros, consejeros, servicios especiales) está teniendo horas de oficina y puede ser contactados de varias maneras para responder a sus preguntas haga clic aquí para obtener un enlace para obtener una lista del personal y cómo ponerse en contacto con ellos.