Pre-K PLC Newsletter

Minutes from the December 14th PLC Meeting

What's Happening in WSISD Pre-K this month?

Our Pre-K December Newsletter highlights pictures from report card assessment review, showcases co-created anchor charts, outlines third grading period report card indicators and assessment, lists upcoming meetings, details our field trip to the Early Learning Center, and shares insightful links for early childhood educators.

Review for 2nd Grading Period Report Card Assessment

Co-created Anchor Charts

  • To anchor the learning
  • To outline key points or examples
  • To provide a quick reference for future use

Upcoming Pre-K Assessment Information

3rd Grading Period Report Card Indicators

  • I can name the following letters: Bb, Mm, Aa, Rr, Ss, Tt, Ee, Gg, Nn, Pp, Ii, Hh, Ff, Oo, Dd. (III.C.1.)

  • I can read the word list: I, Mom, Dad, can, go, up, a. (III.A.1.)

  • I can use scribbles/writing to convey meaning. (IV.A.1.)

  • I can answer questions about a story read to me. (III.D.3.)

  • I can sequentially count up to _____ (15). (V.A.2.)

  • I can count 1-10 items/objects. (V.A.3.)

  • I can sort objects that are the same and different into groups. (V.E.1.)

  • I can describe characteristics of common objects. (V1.A.1.)

  • I can follow classroom rules and routines. (I.B.1a.)

  • I can stay focused on group activities. (I.B.3b.)

Upcoming Dates...

  • Jan. 22 Pre-K Observations in Keller ISD at the Early Learning Center
  • Jan. 25 Teacher Talk Session 2 at ESC XI - Let Literacy Lead the Way (Repeated in June)
  • Jan. 25 Pre-K PLC meeting at West in Gina's room
  • Feb. 8-25 CLI Engage Progress Monitoring Wave 2 Assessment Window for WSISD
  • Feb. 26 Campus PD Day

Jan. 22nd Pre-K Field Trip to Keller ISD - Early Learning Center

10310 Old Denton Rd., Fort Worth, Tx 76244 at 8:45am

  • Campus overview and approaches to learning
  • Tour of campus and classrooms (Self-contained, Blended, PPCD, STACC, Speech)
  • Break out into learning pairs in blended classrooms
  • Lunch and learn to answer questions

CLI Engage Progress Monitoring Assessment for Pre-K

Future Pre-K PLC Meetings in the Spring Semester

  • January 25th
  • February 10th
  • March 28th
  • April 25th
  • May 16th