Ms. Craig's Classroom News

Week of September 28

What's Going On in Class?

This week in social studies students are continuing to work on our region project that addresses the essential question: "Why do people choose to settle in a specific place?" Now that students have researched about each region, they will find out what type of business they own. Based on what they have learned about each region, they will choose a region to relocate their business to. Then, they will create an informative letter to communicate with their employees the benefits of moving to this new location. Students will have a quiz over vocabulary and interpreting maps on Wednesday. They received a review on Friday for the vocabulary words. They will be reviewing before the quiz using an electronic device, so they are allowed to bring a device on Wednesday.

In reading this week, with Mrs. King, students are determining main idea and details in various texts. The texts will have a similar theme: SPACE! In grammar, Mrs. King is introducing subject/object pronouns. We will have our Unit 1 test this week, as well. We will take it in 2 parts; one part will be on Thursday, and the other part will be on Friday along with the spelling test.

In math, we will be reviewing the concepts learned in Topic 15 for their test tomorrow, September 29th. Later in the week, they will begin working on multiplying whole numbers and decimals.

In science, we are continuing to look at the physical properties of matter, including mass, solubility, density, magnetism, etc. They will get to use the triple beam balances, graduated cylinders, and other tools to investigate these properties.

What's on the Schedule?

9/28- 10/2 Monster Book Fair

9/29 Topic 15 Math Test

10/1 Book Fair Night

10/7 Fire Prevention Poster Due

10/12 Student Holiday

10/16 Camp Forms Due/Haggar Howdy

10/23 Spirit Assembly

11/16-11/18 5th Grade Camp