Kingsley 3rd Grade Team Newsletter

February Volume 1 Issue 3

Month at a Glance

Hello Kingsley parents, we will be rolling out the newsletters again and apologize for not informing you that there was not going to be a January issue. This is a short month and below you will find the most important information pertaining to the grade level.

Skills Focus (Curriculum News)

As the months become more intense with the curriculum and content we must cover, we will only give a brief overview of the standards. In Math we will finish the fractions unit and shift into geometry. In Social Studies we will continue exploring the government unit (3 branches, levels of government, etc...). In Science our classes will begin studying fossils. In ELA students will continue working on various language arts skills that include commas and prefixes just to name a few. Additionally in writing we be working a compare and contrast composition using science content. As always if you would like detailed information please see you child's teachers.

Announcements & Reminderds

3rd Grade Specific

02/03/2016 Math Test on Fractions

02/12/2016 & 02/15/2016 No School Winter Break & President's Day

02/05/2016 Science Test on Rocks & Minerals


Kingsley Events

Please visit the Kingsley Blog for an up to date listing of all school wide events & news.