Mrs. Cerasi's Science Class

Here is what is required for the school year!

Here are the materials that are needed for the year!

  • 3 ring binger (1.5 inch is really good!)
  • Pencils / Pens (Black or Blue only please!!)
  • Highlighters
  • Please have the following at home:
  • a) Colored Pencils
  • b) Scissors
  • c) Glue Sticks

Technology in the Classroom

Students are required to have their laptops and chargers with them at all times. Please have your name on all materials (i.e.: label your laptop, charger, and laptop bag.) These are required everyday for class. We use the laptops on an everyday basis. If any problems arise, you must take care of this problem in the Learning Commons. Use the following link to get a tech request in for getting your computer problems fixed:


  • Yes, there is homework every night. Please check your app.
  • Yes, students can chat with me on or Edmodo for any help.
  • Yes, test corrections are mandatory for Summative assessments under 80%.

Contact Me!!

Please do not hesitate to ask questions. Homework, due dates, or events. Please send a Friendly e-mail, and I will be willing to help! Here is to having a great school year!!!