Digital Footprint

Why it's Important to us

What is a Digital Footprint?

  • A mark you leave on the internet
  • Could be bad or good
  • Everything you search online
  • Pictures you post
  • Anything you say online
  • Stay with you for a long time
  • Can't be deleted

What my digital footprint consist of

  • Motivation- It's saying I could impact someone's life for the better
  • Leadership- I'm a leader to the people around me
  • Success- I'm willing to make myself succeed and make someone else succeed

What I used to keep a good Digital Footprint

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • Kik

Why is a Digital Footprint Important?

  • Shows the bad or good things you've done in the past
  • Could get you a great job
  • If it's bad you have a low chance of getting hired
  • If it's good you have a higher chance to get hired
  • Show how good or bad you communicate with others

My Digital Footprint Impact to Future

My digital footprint under my mind would do great for me. It would be helpful for me to get a good job, meet knew and great people, get accepted to a good college, and maybe meet my soulmate, never know.
Your Digital Footprint

What can I do to Improve my Digital Footprint?

Things I can do to improve my digital footprint are posting more things about the positive things that have happen in my life. Get other people into making their digital footprint better. Post more thing that I think could help me and other people succeed. Keep motivating people into doing bigger and better things.

What I've learned about maintaining a positive Digital Footprint

What I've learned about keeping a positive Digital Footprint is how to communicate with other people. That's the most important for me because if you have good communication skills, you boss or future boss could see how good to communicate with other and he would pick you over the other person applying for the same job. So I would maintain keeping a good communication skill with me to show I can get well with anyone.