All About Parts

Everything is part of a system. A system is a group of parts that work together.

Systems & Their Parts

Systems are made out of parts, they can be natural or human made, living or nonliving. Each part has a role.

Examples Of Human Made Systems

Most of the systems we use everyday are human made systems. Examples include bikes, computers, maps, internet, lights, pipes, ect. These are made up of nonliving parts.

Examples Of Natural Systems

Earth is made up of natural systems. Examples include rivers, mountains, oceans & even Earth itself are examples of natural systems!

Food And Fiber System

Some systems have both natural & human made systems. Milk, Fruit, vegetables & eggs come from farms, popcorn & fries come from farms too!!

Some Vocabulary words you should know

  • ROLE - A part's role in the system is the job the part does in the system
  • SYSTEM - A system is a group of parts that work together
  • ECOSYSTEM - An ecosystem is a system made up of all living things & nonliving things in the area


What BEST describes a natural system?

A. Fan

B. Lamp

C. Volcano

D. Cooking Oven

Where does POPCORN come from?

A. Popcorn Factory

B. Tree

C. Farm

D. None Of The Above

What Is 2 living & 2 nonliving things in this system?

What is an example of a FOOD AND FIBER SYSTEM?

A. tree, seed, sprout, root

B. seed, sprout, root, tree

C. seed, root, sprout, tree

D. tree, root, seed, sprout