By: Dia Gonzalez

Development of Hurricanes in the Atlantic

Hurricanes develop from tropical storms that form over the warm waters of the ocean. As the water evaporates the warm mist twists into a spiral formation high in the atmosphere. If the wind is circling counterclockwise the storm moves north if it circles clockwise it moves south. The peaceful center of the hurricane is called the eye. As long as the hurricane is over waters of at least 79 degrees it will continue to grow and strengthen. If and when the storm hit colder waters or land it slows and shrinks rapidly.

The Bermuda High

The Bermuda high is a low pressure system located in the Atlantic ocean. Only there in the summer it acts as a sort of spiraling wall that hurricanes can not go through. Depending on its size and location at the time it determines where hurricanes go. The Bermuda high also transports humidity and warm water which help in the formation of hurricanes.

El Nino and La Nina

El Nino and La Nina determines the hurricane activity for a curtain ocean. In a El Nino year there will be more hurricane activity in the Pacific and less in the Atlantic, in a La Nina year there will be less hurricane activity in the pacific and more in the Atlantic. This is due to warming and cooling of the oceans by wind currents.