Fixing Tough Times In High School

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I found this futuristic guide made by two students from the future 10 years later. I am not sure how this happened, but I am happy to share.

Please note that some pictures are NOT owned by me. I did a few illustrations, but its part of the references. Okay anyways, enjoy!

The Main Cast















Chapter 1: Connections full of Affections

DJ: So Yuno, do you and your family get along?

Yuno: Yeah we do. You?

DJ: We get along great!

Yuno: That's good. I am glad to hear that.

DJ: So do other people in our school get along with their families?

Yuno: Unfortunately not all of them. Some are not fond of living with their families, and they go through tough times because of that.

DJ: Aw, that is pretty sad. :(

Yuno: It is, especially with our club members.

DJ: Oh.

Yuno: There are a few that are discussing in the room right now, wanna check it out?

DJ: Yeah sure. And we could help them out.

Yuno: Sounds good.

*Yuno and DJ went to the club room called the "Eighty Sevens". They took a peek inside. Then they saw a few fellow club mates. One starts to speak up.

Ayana: So a few of you guys have dealt with abuse, right?

Bleu: father forced me to smoke 24/7. I mean, its wrong for me to smoke because I don't like it.

Jushua: That sounds harsh. How worse can these get?

Do: Maybe some don't know what family love is.

Jushua: You're probably right. I love my family because they helped me a lot, but I have to deal some hard times.

Gokune: We all have. Especially dealing with my sister.

Candace: Oh shut up Gokune! At least I am more MATURE than you. And older.

Gokune: Just cause your older and mature doesn't mean that I am much more SMARTER than you.

*Candace and Gokune starts fighting*

Kiro: Guys, stop arguing. We know you guys can't get along, but we are here to work things out.

Gokune: You're right, sorry about the fuss.

Candace: Yeah, sorry...

Kiro: Thank you. Anyways, Liona did mention about sharing experiences in life. So does anyone want to share?

Jade: I could.

Kiro: Okay, speak your heart out Jade.

Jade: Well, me and my family always get along so well. We helped each other out a lot. We also get along very well. However, because I for myself relied on them a lot than others, my parents bought me an apartment to take responsibility for myself. It was hard, but it was kind of worth it.

Ayana: And you are only 16 years?

Jade: Yes indeed.

Do: Never knew someone so young could take this risk.

Jade: I didn't take it, I was told to do it. They said that I am becoming close to an adult. So that's what.

Kiro: I see. Anyone else?

Clairice: I do. I wish I could get along with my sister well. But she is always angry at me.

Mikan: That is because you are doing something wrong, Clairice!

Clairice: No, its because your rage is always conflicting me!

Mikan: Shut up! It is, and always be your fault!

*Clairice starts crying, Jushua starts comforting*

Jushua: There, there.

Gokune: Dude, what the hell was that for?

Mikan: It's always her fault, she keeps blaming at me.

Sakura: Uh, it is both of your guys fault.

Mikan: How so?

Sakura: She isn't the only one who blames you, but you also blame her a lot too.

Mikan: Hey! That does-

Kiro: No, Sakura has a point. I mean, you guys fight each other a lot. You always get angry, and Clairice always gets sad.

*Mikan couldn't speak any further and sits down pouting*

Ayana: So who else?

*No one speaks*

Kiro: Actually, I haven't heard anyone from this side of the room. Daymian, Jose, Phyllis, Viola, Adeline, Waka?

Waka: I don't know what "family" is.

*Everyone gasped*

Jade: Waka, but even if you don't know, you are still part of one, right?

Waka: I dunno. I live by myself now, with two boys.

Sakura: So you were part of a family before, huh?

Waka: I dunno.

Gokune: Do you know any parents?

Waka: I dunno.

Do: What about your siblings.

Waka: I dunno.

Clairice: How about your cousins?

Waka: I dunno.

Candace: What about your uncles or aunts?

Waka: I dunno.

Daymian: How about your grandparents?

Waka: I dunno.

Ayana: Dammit, so you have amnesia?

Waka: I dunno.

Kiro: Well, I guess she couldn't remember anything. I mean, she is from an "unknown" island, so we can't be for sure.

Jade: She did mentioned she is living with two boys.

Kiro: Oh yeah. Waka, are you currently with the Simons brothers?

Waka: Who?

Kiro: You know, the two guys named Habit and Pierolo.

Waka: Oh those. Yeah I live with them.

Jushua: Well, its nice for you to be adopted by them.

Kiro: Yeah that's true. Anyone else?

Daymian: I guess I could speak up...

Kiro: Go ahead Daymian.

Daymian: My mom and dad wanted a baby girl. They have everything prepared. However, the child was a boy. They still went with it though. However, they did gave me boy clothing. So it wasn't all that bad. That is probably it. They do help me with homework and stuff. They wanted me to take AP, but instead, I am at all of my 10-4 classes because how my parents teach. I didn't get good grades at junior high, they are very low.

Do: Ouch, we are really sorry to hear that, Daymian.

Kiro: Yeah. Don't worry, we'll work things out.

Daymian: Thank you.

Kiro: That leaves to the four of you. Anyone can speak up.

Adeline: I will. But for the four of us.

Kiro: Oh, is that so? Go ahead and speak.

Adeline: Well, the four of us live together in an orphanage. We live in the same room as well. The reason why we are at an orphanage is because we couldn't bear living with our families. I almost was raped by one of my family members.

Phyllis: I had to deal with torture. Every day, I get choked, slapped, pulled, kicked, punched, whipped. It hurts a lot for me.

Jose: I was abused by my mother, which is why I had my mask on. I don't want to show my face because how demonic looking it is.

Viola: I didn't want to live with my family because how much they hurted my brother. So we moved away from home after my brother graduated. He said it was a bad time so he told me to move to the orphanage until he finishes college.

Adeline: And that's basically it.

Kiro: Ouch, I am sorry to hear that, guys. I hope we can fix all of this madness and torture.

Bleu: So how are we going to do this?

Kiro: When all of us finishes our discussions, we can share as a whole with the rest of our members.

Mikan: That sounds, nice, actually.

Do: Yeah, and everything will be a happy ending.

Kiro: I can't be so sure about that, Do. But it must be an enjoy for all of us to enjoy.


  • Your family members are very helpful to your life, and they are the most loving things to be with. So one of them can help you at some situations, so do not be afraid to ask them for help.
  • If you have family problems, speak with a counselor, and they may give you options/
  • Possibly, you can put a friendly time with your family, such as a feast.
  • Talk to your family about your experiences, mainly those who finished school
  • If you have no family, or lost one of them, talk to someone you feel more closer with
  • Share your story to someone you are closer to (recommend to someone who is older than you) about family problems that may conflict with schooling.
  • A family member (perhaps, all) will help you support support through rough school times.
















Chapter 2: Love is Love. Or is it?

DJ: So Yuno, is have you seen a lot of couples in this school?

Yuno: Plenty, actually. Couples here are much better than the ones in junior high.

DJ: Ah I see. So...I know this is personal, but do you have a crush on someone?

Yuno: No, but I do know someone in our club that likes me.

DJ: Really? Who?

Yuno: You know Hamaya, right?

DJ: Hamaya is the one that has a crush on you?

Yuno: Well, from what my friends told me, and I saw him flirting at me in my own eyes. At one point, he gave me red roses.

DJ: Aw, how adorable. Why aren't you guys dating?

Yuno: Because we aren't ready for each other yet. I don't know much about him, so I have no choice but to say no. We still care for each other, nevertheless.

DJ: Ah, I understand.

*Both Yuno and DJ goes to their club room, until they saw another discussion in the room. This time, it is about dating.*

DJ: Woah, they are talking about what we are talking about.

Yuno: Yeah. Maybe we should take a closer peek again.

*They then took another peek from the room*

Kiro: So, all of you guys have experienced being in relationships, correct?

Ayana: Yes, i'm pretty sure most of us have.

Kiro: Okay. So who is willing to speak first?

*No one speaks*

Kiro: Oh...okay then. Well, I guess I should go first. I have dated a guy before, but he is a stranger to me. I have experienced compensated dating because of this. In detail, I needed money for my father due to loan problems. We are technically rich, but it became a problem. In order to get money from this guy I "dated", I have to do favors for him.

Des: And that be?

Kiro: S...S...Se...

Rimu: C'mon, spit it out, Kiro. It's just us.

Kiro: I have to with him...

Role: And how old is he?

Kiro: I dunno, about...30?

*everyone gasped*

Yukka: You dated a guy who is 12 YEARS OLDER THAN YOU?

Kiro: Sadly, yes. But it is for the money...

Do: That's awful, why would you ask him out.

Kiro: M-Money... :(

Gokune: Why can't you get a job than having sexual favors from a pedophile?

Kiro: I can't afford a job because I can't be worthy enough.

Asuna: But you are. Maybe you didn't find the right job for yourself.

Kiro: Guys, guys. I know this is a problem...but I have to do for me and my father's needs.

*Before Kiro could speak any further, she saw Sakura standing up, with rage in her*

Sakura: I thought your dad was a drug dealer and you have dealt with domestic abuse.

Kiro: Sakura, its not what you th-

Sakura: Why did you lie to me this whole time?

Kiro: Look, its because I was scared to tell you the truth, and to everyone. But its the discussion of truth, so I have to be honest on this one.

Sakura: You think i'm scary?

Kiro: No, that's not what I meant. Okay, I was never abused, but it was hard to tell the truth, so I had to lie to you. But this is a discussion, so I need to tell the...

Sakura: Dammit, Kiro! I thought I was your best friend! You would never tell me lies!

Kiro: Sakura!

*Sakura bursts out of the door and starts crying.*

DJ: Woah, what happened here?

Yuno: I think Sakura was mad at Kiro for not telling the truth until now.

DJ: Oh, why?

Yuno: I don't know, but she's always been like this every time Kiro tells a lie on her and tells the truth to everyone else.

DJ: Oh. :(

*Just then, Kiro came out of the door.*

Kiro: You guys continue the discussion, Rimu you lead since you are the oldest. I'll go find Sakura.

*Kiro then leaves and closes the door*

Rimu: Well, I hope everything is fine for the two, especially Kiro.

Ayana: I think I could help Kiro a bit on her tragic event. I think I got an idea.

Rimu: Okay, maybe after the discussion. Anyways, does anyone else want to speak.

Rhyna: I could.

Rimu: Go ahead, Rhyna.

Rhyna: You know Jack and I used to be lovers, right?

Ray: Yeah, we seen you two together a lot last year.

Asuna: It's adorable, though. They always have a happy time together. Jock X Cheerleader, hehe.

Jack: True that. I love Rhyna to death that time.

Bassing: That's so sweet. I wonder why you guys broke up.

Jack: Well, that time we broke up was brutal. Me and Rhyna had a chat about something serious relating to our relationship. Until at one point we ended up arguing. We knew things couldn't work out for us, so unfortunately for us that was the end of our love time.

Rhyna: I ended up crying so much I can't stop thinking about the times we've been together. I couldn't do much instead of crying so much, I almost flooded my surroundings. We haven't talked for a month.

Jack: I hate to see Rhyna cry. Her face was fully red, especially her eyes. Every time we see each other at school, I couldn't bear looking at her, and she would do the same.

Rhyna: Maybe if we could change things a bit, maybe our relationship could've gone fine.

Jade: Wow, that was awful for you guys... :(

Rhyna: It was.

Daymian: But you guys act like friends now.

Rhyna: Oh Daymian, this happened a year ago. You weren't there that time.

Daymian: Oh.

Habit: I think I know why you guys broke up?

Jack: What is it, lil' Nerdy?

Habit: Don't call me that (and I am taller than you...). Anyways, I think you guys hang out a little too much.

Rhyna: What makes you think that?

Habit: I have seen you guys together everyday. Before school, lunch, and after school.

Jack: Were you stalking on us?

Habit: What? No no no. I would never.

Role: It's confirmed guys, Habit is a stalker.

Habit: Oh shut up Role! You are not even helping with the damn situation.

Role: Yeah, like you ever had a girlfriend before.

Carrie: But, i'm Habit's girfriend...

Role: WHAT!? I didn't know you were here Carrie, wtf?

Carrie: not much of a big deal.

Habit: See, I have one, unlike YOU who is single.

Role: Shut up Habit. I have Clairice.

Gokune: Dude, Clairice isn't even with you.

Role: How so?

Zac: She still hates you, no offense.

Role: Because she is denying my hotness, like Omeka.

Omeka: Since when do I have to do with this?

Role: Because you and Clairice are always angry.

Asuna: Isn't Mikan the "angry" one?

Role: No, Clairice is.


Ryu: Role, you are a complete dumbass.

Role: Hey, shut up! I am smart.

Paya: Then why the hell are you failing math?

Role: Eh? Shut up! All of you!

Rimu: Okay, quiet down guys. We are not here to fight, we are here to discuss. Anyways, Habit is right for the two of you. I have also seen it with my own eyes. So I hope for the next time you are dating someone, please use your individual time.

Rhyna & Jack: Okay.

Rimu: Okay, who else?

Jade: I can speak up.

Rimu: Okay Jade.

Jade: Me and Des are very happy together.

Des: Jade you are not supposed to say that.

Jade: Why, is there something wrong?

Des: It's weird how these guys see me happy and being joyful.

Emma: We already know that Des.

Des: No you don't.

Emma: Don't deny it, I saw you two. And as a ex of you, you are happy when we are together that time.

Des: Emma, this is too embarrassing.

Do: I think its cute.

Des: Do! No!

Tom: Do! Yes!

Des: Tom you have nothing to do with his.

Tom: :(

Jade: C'mon Des, you know you love me.

Des: I know I do, but not HERE.

*everyone started laughing when Des and Jade kept discussing about their relationship.*

Des: Kay' whatever. Also, i'm pretty sure the two of you are dating someone, not just me.

Tom: Um, i'm single.

Hamaya: Yeah right. Nice try.

Davis: Besides. Aren't you dating an Asian girl?

Tom: Racist.

Ryu: That's not even racist, Tom.

Tom: Yeah it is. Look at Melanie. She dated so many Asian guys.

Melanie: That has nothing to do with anything.

Sarah: Tom, is your girlfriend...Claire?

Tom: Nah, me and Claire are friends.

Rob: Lies.

Habit: Lies.

Des: Lies.

Hamaya: Lies.

Daymian: Lies.

Yukka: Lies.

Jack: Lies.

Rhyna: Lies.

Role: Lies.

Gokune: Lies.

Anna: Lies.

Ima: Lies.

Miriah: So are we basically saying lies now?

Sayaka: Apparently they are.

Tom: Eh?

*Tom starts blushing*

Claire: It's cute how Tom blushes.

Tom: I'm not blushing.

Omi: So if Tom is blushing, does that mean he is dating Claire?

Tom: Hell no.

Sayaka: Yes you are.

Tom: No.

Anna: Why is your face red.

Tom: Cause I painted it.


Tom: Nooooo.

Kyouko: Admit it, Tom. We know all your secrets.

Teru: All his secrets?

Ima: Yep, and his personal info.

Kyouko: Woah, too far.

Ima: Kidding.

Davis: These guys are so lucky though, I could never get a girlfriend.

Bassing: But you has a lot of girlfriends.

Davis: Eh? Well...

Bassing: Its okay. Hehe.

Davis: :)

Gokune: Eh, but he is a womanizer.

Omeka: He is, unlike you who is a complete pervert to Asuna.

Gokune: How am I?

Zac: Uh, going to her melons is perverted, you sick f-

Rimu: *scolds Zac* No swearing.

Zac: Ow, sorry.

Rimu: Also, I am pretty sure, you always go to Rochelle's melons, have you?

Zac: No I haven't.

Habit: Uh, yeah you did.

Paya: Also, its weird how some shortie gets a girl with big melons.

Ayana: Not to mention Kiro's.

Teru: Kiro's is great. Sayaka's too.

Sayaka: Oh Teru.

Teru: And Omeka's.


Teru: Oh, sorry.

Yukka: I love everyone's melons, they're great.

Ryu: Especially Miriah's.

Miriah: Oh...thanks. Heh. :3

Do: I love my girlfriend's chest, they're amazing.

Sarah: Oh Do. Wait...where the heck are we going with this conservation.

Carrie: I was wondering the same thing.

Asuna: XD

Ray: For a minute, this discussion is going nowhere.

Hamaya: Right? First, we are talking about Gokune wanting Asuna's you know who, and then we ended up complimenting other girl's booboos.

Gokune: That...was literally messed up.

Ray: Yeah, but Hamaya does want Yuno's

Hamaya: *blushes* Don't talk about Yuno.

Rimu: Yuno is the cutest.

Hamaya: Shush! >:(

Kyouko: Okay, you know what? I thought this is going to be serious. But all of you, ALL OF YOU ARE PERVERTS. ALL OF YOU! I am getting out of here!

Rimu: Aw, Kyouko, stay here, honey.

Kyouko: I love you too, Rimu. But this is going nowhere.

*Kyouko opens the door and sees Okano at the door. Then there is Kiro and Sakura.*

Okano: Hey, I heard you guys are talking about ti-

Kyouko: NO!

Kiro: What is going on?

Sakura: Yeah, like, wtf?

Kyouko: Everyone here is perverted.

All: ...Okay...


  • Ask someone out whenever the both of you are ready.
  • If you two don't share mutual feelings for each other, nothing would work out.
  • Cheating is bad, and you should feel bad.
  • Anyone could eff anyone, and the result is not going to end well.
  • Never be afraid to say no if someone asks you out.
  • Try being closer together before you start dating.
  • When dating, try having some individual time together, it makes the relationship much better.












Chapter 3: Buildings friendships

DJ: Is making friendships harder in High School?

Yuno: Not too hard, but is can be very difficult.

DJ: Why?

Yuno: Some people can hate you for no reason whatsoever.

DJ: How can that even happen. Is that why people didn't enjoy you very much.

Yuno: Not sure, but it is somewhat sad. But making friends isn't all that hard.

DJ: Really?

Yuno: Of course. I was able to make friends in our club.

DJ: That's good. :D

Yuno: And that is good for you. Because you made friends with the nerds.

DJ: Yeah, that's true.

Yuno: Hehe. They are also my friends since last year. Gokune, Asuna, Zac, Habit and Role. They are so sweet, and funny too.

DJ: That even makes me more happy.

Yuno: Also Asuna's best friend, Holla. She is pretty interesting. Even Waka, that islander girl. She is also interesting. I think you already know that they are also in grade 10.

DJ: Yeah, I know.

Yuno: They are pretty cute, and are really good friends. Sora that works with you in photography is also a good friend of mine.

DJ: Wow, you have a lot of friends.

Yuno: Especially you.

DJ: Really?

Yuno: Yeah! I also love you too because you are my best friend.

DJ: Yay! Let's be best friends forever!

Yuno: We always will.

*DJ and Yuno started hugging each other*

DJ: I will make sure no one will ever hurt you.

Yuno: Thank you DJ.

DJ: :)
Yuno: :)

DJ: Heh. Anyways, is there a discussion currently running in our club.

Yuno: Not this time, Liona mentioned that there is no topic to talk about.

DJ: Okay.


  • You may lose your friends at some point. It is never too late to make some new friends, though this isn't always the case
  • Your friendship level changes depending on your relationship with him/her. They may react positively or negatively.
  • DO NOT throw expensive items at them.
  • If you are very close, don't be too polite, just be yourself, though don't take things too far.
  • It is normal to feel worried how your friends feel about you. Sometimes you may ask them how they feel about you.
  • Fights happen. Depending on your friendship level, there are chances you may or may not make up.
  • Even if you two don't make up. Whoever is the unforgiver, they may want to be friends with you again, and vice versa.
  • Abusing them with nets is NOT appropiate.
  • Don't neglect their favors.
  • Sharing is caring. Do not do tug-a-war on your guys bear, no matter who it belongs to.
  • Be good friends.