Marine Fisheries

By: Olivia Wolfe

What are marine fisheries?

The commercial harvesting or raising of fish in oceans that are sold in markets around the world.

There are tons of issues with Marine fisheries.

Such as overfishing, poor management, and incidental catch, but the issue rarely talked about is the ethical issues associated with commercial marine fisheries.

First: Poverty

Second: The Right to Food

Everyone has a right not to starve right?

correct, fish are a staple in many diets around the world, and without fishermen to catch them or fish in the sea many of those people won't get the food to survive. "Fish is a major source of both livelihood and nutrition for millions of the world's poorest people." ("Main Ethical Issue in Fisheries")

Ecosystem Degradation

The Most Common Issue:

With the removal of mature fish from the sea, the population of that species dwindles and runs the risk of eventually dying out.

This also includes:

Issues like overfishing, incidental catch and fishery management (which is incredibly hard to obtain)