The Land Of Beaches

Prince Edward Island History

Prince Edward Island is the smallest out of the ten provinces.Prince Edward Island was discovered by Jacques Cartier in 1534.It joined the confederation in 1873. Originally known as ST John Island it was renamed Prince Edward Island in 1799. Prince Edward Island gets it's name from Prince Edward Augustus.

Prince Edward Island Geography

Prince Edward Island is mostly low lying tree covered land.The red soil of Prince Edward Island is exposed along most of it's beaches and along the grassy sand dunes and low level sandstone cliffs facing the Gulf St. Lawrence.

Prince Edward Island food and culture

Despite the good tasting potatoes lobster is still one of the biggest draws on Prince Edward Island.While lobster can be found on PEI time of year there are two seasons you can find lobster some where else.The first runs from May until June and the second from August until October.Restaurants all around the island can find lobster easier.

Prince Edward Island places to go

These are some places you should go in Prince Edward Island. Souris, Summerside, Cavendish,Georgetown,O'Leary,Alberton,Montague,North Rustico,Cornwall and Brackley Beach The best of all of them you can surf,horseback riding and camping.