Technology Integration Day

ESC Region 19 at Father Yermo Elementary

Presenter: Yoscelina Hernandez

Welcome to Technology Integration Day at Father Yermo Elementary! During this session we will explore fun educational Web 2.0 tools to use with young children. This digital flyer with all the resources for this session will be available for one month after the session is completed. Enjoy the session!

Tool #1: ABCya!


What it is: ABCya! is a free Web 2.0 tool where students and teachers will find educational games and activities for elementary level. Most activities are linked to the Common Core Standards.

Challenge: Find one activity/game in your grade level that you can use with your students next week.

Tool #2: Discovery Education Puzzlemaker


What it is: A Web 2.0 tool where you can create different types of puzzles.

Challenge: Create one puzzle you can use with your students next week.

Tool #3: National Library of Virtual Manipulatives


What it is: The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives is a project supported by the National Science Foundation that began in 1999 to develop a library of uniquely interactive, web-based virtual manipulatives. Emphasis is on K-12 mathematics.

Tool #4: Read.Write.Think


What it is: read.write.think provides educators, parents and professionals with access to high quality materials for reading and language arts instruction. Lessons available are linked to Common Core Standards.

Challenge: after exploring all tools, talk to your partner about how/when you can use this tool. Be prepared to share whole-group.