Art Businesses in La Crosse

A quick guide to a variety of art stores near you.

Art Businesses in La Crosse

Hancock Fabrics

Hancock fabrics is a fabric supply store located at 1220 Crossing Meadows Drive #300 in Onalaska. It offers an entire store of fabrics, accessories, and tools for all your fabric needs. Guarenteed that you will not leave without feeling the fleece or gazing at the wacky patterns inside.


Michaels is an art supply store located at 9386 State Road 16 in Onalaska. It holds supplies for painting, drawing, knitting, wood working, wire art, and more. Its unique and colorful supplies will brighten your day and inspire the artist in you.

Generous Earth Pottery

Generous Earth Pottery is located at 221 Pearl Street in La Crosse. The branch in La Crosse is called All Glazed Up! It is a place that families can go and paint already fired pottery. There are shelves of cookware, decorations, mugs, and plain slabs to paint. This is a great place to go for a quiet night out (especially because of its convenient location next to the Pearl).

The Bead Shoppe

The Bead Shoppe is located at 1008 19th Street South La Crosse. It contains a variety of beads to buy and view. It also holds beaded jewelry ready to sell. From wooden, plastic, glass, stone, and sparkle, the Bead Shoppe has it all!

Olive Juice Quilts

Olive Juice Quilts is located at 1258 County Road PH in Onalaska. It not only supplies quilters with fabric and tools, but offers a service to complete unfinished projects. Their goal is to offer the traditional style of quilting with a modern twist.