Loosestrife Family

Purple Loose Strife

What does the Purple Loose Strife look like?

The Purple Loose Strife looks as purple as a plum. It goes straight up but when it gets to the top it curves like a hook. It looks really cool and it is bright purple. Its flower head can grow 1/2 - 3/4 inches and the plant can grow up to 2 - 5 feet tall.

When and where does it bloom?

  • It blooms in June-September
  • It blooms in marshes, pond edges, wet meadows, and ditches

Interesting Facts

  • Ground squirrels eat the seeds of the Purple Loose Strife
  • The Purple Loose Strife is banned from some countries because it takes up all the space from other plants.
  • A blossom on the purple Loosestrife can have four or six petals

Images from www.googgle.com