Wanted : Whooping Cough

By : Maddison Cobb

What is whooping cough:

Whooping cough ? It is when you get get a really bad cough and it hurts. It happened most in babes. It starts of as a common cold ,with runny nose or congestion , sneezing , and mild cough or fever. After 1-2 weeks , sever coughing can being. It is highly contagious , it is also vaccine preventable.

What Infection Causes Whooping Cough / How Dose It Spred

It caused by bacteria called Bordetella Pertussis. It spreads through close contact with oral secretions or respiratory droplets. So you can get it easily if someone you know has it so be safe .

How To Treat It

Well there is no treatment likely to make a difference at all. So with that being said i don't know really how you would be able to fix it if you got it.