Discovery Boot Camp 9

15 days to a becoming a more connected Discovery Educator

DE Boot Camp: Engaging Students Day 4 .......................... Assessing Students' Understanding

DiscoveryEd has two great tools that you can use to create all sorts of assessment activities for your students - the Quiz Builder and Progress Zone. Both create activities that you can assign to your students through DE and evaluate through DE's Classroom Manager.

The DE Quiz Builder

Discovery's Quiz Builder allows you to create your own custom quizzes with a variety of types of questions and as much integrated media as you like.

View the Quiz Builder User's Guide

Quiz Builder - adding questions

The Quiz Builder setup is exactly like the one you learned yesterday for the Writing Prompt Builder - simply click "Create a new quiz" in the Quiz Builder to begin - then enter a title, grade level, subject area, and save in your My Content to begin building your quiz. As you build your quiz, you can add as many questions as you like - choose from multiple choice with a single answer, multiple choice with multiple answers, true/false, and short answer/essay question formats. Discovery will grade everything in your quiz for you except for the short answer/essay questions.

Quiz Builder - adding media

You can add any media from the site, including your own uploaded media, for students to review before the quiz as well as attached to any individual question as well. You can even include question-level feedback and media as a review resource for each question that is then provided to students with their graded quiz summary to create a powerful learning tool from any quiz.

Quiz Builder - Assigning to Students

Once your quiz is complete, you'll want to assign it to your students. To assign your Quiz, simply choose the assign date, due date, classes and/or students that you want to assign the activity to and click SAVE AND CONTINUE

Create standards-based formal assessments with Progress Zone

Progress Zone is a DE Builder Tool that allows you to create formal standards-based assessments for your students. Progress Zone includes a huge data bank of assessment questions that have been correlated to the TEKS standards, STAAR objectives, and TAKS objectives. Watch the video below to learn more about Progress Zone.
DE Progress Zone Overview

Today's Assignment: Create a Practice Quiz

Today, I'd like you to explore the Quiz Builder. Create a practice quiz and try out all of the different features and options. Remember - the Quiz Builder will grade all of the questions for you except the short answer/essay - you'll find the grades in your Classroom Manager Class Results. You can even export the grades into a spreadsheet and upload into another gradebook program if you like.

Bonus tip of the day! .......................... Create media collages with VidStitch

Looking for more ideas for students to create projects with media? Here's a really cool FREE app that's available on both iOS and Android devices that I think you'll really like.

VidStitch is a media stitching app that allows you to combine a variety of media into a single collage image or video. There are a lot of apps out there that do this for photos, but the cool thing about VidStitch is that it also allows you to include video in your collage as well. The free version allows one video - the PRO version ($0.99) allows you to include multiple videos.

Once you've completed your project, the app will save your image or video collage into your PHOTOS area of your device. If you choose, you can then upload that into Discovery to use however you like. Students can also upload saved collages onto a Board Builder Board as part of a larger project.

For example, you might have the student

* download an image (or images, or even video) of a map, process, photograph, etc. and add those to your collage

* use the device to record a video of themselves explaining that image

* save the project as a video and upload it back onto a Board in Discovery and turn it in to you as an assignment

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