Pickerington Tiger Sharks

Updates: Parent Survey, Board Nominations, Annual Meeting

Hi Tiger Shark Fam!

Happy First Week of School. Missing everyone already at the Shark Tank. There are three different google forms, we are asking you to fill out this month!

We want to continually make the Tiger Sharks better and better each year, please take a few minutes to let us know your thoughts by clicking here!

See below to nominate (yourself or someone else) for board positions for next year. We will vote as a general membership by our October 17th meeting.

As you might be aware, the board is looking into several options for the future of the shark tank. Currently, we rent the pool from the city and to put it simply, we would like to be in control of our own pool.

Please complete the following survey with a simple yay or nay. We need a quorum of 60% of the members to respond with a yes to begin the process of exploring options in Pickerington for our own pool (possibly buying the current pool). (ONE VOTE PER FAMILY) 36 families have already voted and we need 14 more families to move forward with even going into discussions with the city.

Please tag the Tiger Sharks in your IG/Facebook posts of pictures with your swimmers with their towels and any pictures you took over the season. We would love to flood our social media with our swimmers!


Executive Board Nominations - 2022

Interested in becoming a board member for the 2022 season? We are now accepting nominations for the elected positions (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer)during our October election for the upcoming swim season. We will also need a Meet Director and Communications person for the next year. We will contact them before putting them on the ballot.

Below is a brief description of the responsibilities of an elected official. Please cast your nominations now!

President (Elected) - The president is responsible for the overall direction of the Tiger Sharks in compliance with these Bylaws. This direction will include: planning, organizing, and operating the team during the course of a season. The President is responsible for scheduling both general and Executive Committee meetings and shall preside over such meetings. The President shall have the right to vote on issues in order to break a tie vote among the other voting officers. The President is also the primary contact between the coaching staff and the Executive Committee.

Vice - President (Elected) - The Vice-President is responsible for assisting the President with his or her duties and for acting on behalf of the President if the President directs, is unable to preside, or is unable to complete his or her term. The Vice - President may be assigned other specific responsibilities by the President as necessary, such as chairing committees, etc.

Secretary (Elected) - The Secretary is responsible for recording, keeping and reporting minutes of all Executive Committee and General meetings. He or she shall also be responsible for working with the Treasurer to maintain records of name, address, and telephone number for each registered swimmer by age group. These records must be kept current and available throughout the season for use by the coaches and the team. The Secretary is also responsible for maintaining available current copies of these bylaws. The Secretary will be responsible for any publicity communications that the Executive Committee feels is appropriate.

Treasurer (Elected) - The Treasurer is responsible for collecting and disbursing all monies associated with the operation of the Tiger Sharks. He or she is responsible for maintaining accurate and up-to-date records of finances and for publishing an accurate financial statement for each general meeting held near the end of a swimming season (around August 1). The Treasurer shall also report a financial summary at each meeting of the Executive Committee . He or she is responsible for issuing checks to the coaching staff and for filing all required tax information with the IRS, and for filing for periodic renewal of incorporation with the Ohio Secretary of State's Office.

Official board elections will be in October, so stay tuned!

Winter Swim Options

LYST - Lancaster YMCA Stingrays (Parent Info Meeting on August 29th at 1:30pm - Robert K. Fox YMCA)

GCSTO - Greater Columbus Swim Team of Ohio

Garver YMCA (Check for availability)

Unified Aquatics

Pau Hana - Denison

Hydra Aquatics

Important Upcoming Dates

Please add these events and practice changes to your calendars:

  • September 19: Executive Board Meeting - 3pm @ Combustion
  • October 17: Annual General Membership Meeting - 3pm @ Combustion