by max

an eagles are black and white on there head.

when eagles are born they are brown. when they are 5 to 6 yers old they cang colers. the female are hever then the mails. they can wheagh up to 10 to15 pounse. they belong in 28 other birds theyare worm blooded. they have black bons. omost all baldeagles are brown.
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eagles live in high tree

eagles live in trees forest and huge nest .they also live in canada the great lakes ,bermudma island.they are mostly found in trees . they live by lakes ocean and rivers so they can eat fish .an eagles farit plays is perenedina trees . their nest is 13 feet

eagles live in trees forest and huge nest. eagles live in very high places.

Golden Eagle - My third favorite Bird Of Prey.

eagles use their storng bodes to catch thire food

now you know why eagles are intersing creatres.