GMOs Are Bad!

Why Genetically Mutated Plants Should Not Be Used.

Could Pose Health Risks for Certain People!

By genetically engineering crops, new allergens could be created by mixing genes from different animals. Also, experts worry that bacteria in our stomachs could become resistant to certain antibiotics if they are exposed to certain genes.

GM Crops Put Small Farmers at a Disadvantage!

Small farmers don't cannot afford to buy GM crops. Also, without insurance they cannot afford pesticides and other tecnology, thus widening the gap between the rich and the poor.

Causes Harm to the Environment!

Environmentalists worry that GM crops could cause be dangerous to certain species, an example of this was shown in the monarch butterfly study. Another problem is the evolution of mosquitoes into "superbugs" after becoming resistant to certain pesticides. Also, plant viruses could become resistant by being exposed to GM crops with a crop virus gene.

GM Plants Defy Nature!

It takes millions of years for plants to naturally changed their genetic material -- it is completely unnatural to be able to crunch that time into a few days, weeks or months! Also, mixing different genes of plants and animals can defy the rules of certain religions and cultural taboos. For example, a pineapple carrying a pig gene would violate the diet of a vegan.

Biotech Companies Don't Care About the Risks to Humans or the Environment!

Companies researching GMs are in such a hurry to make money, they don't fully consider or examine the possible risks to your health and your world! Also, the companies aren't focusing on producing the right crops that will combat world hunger. These companies care only about their benefit.

GM Foods Do Not Have Proper Oversight or Regulation!

The crops are being made and tested too quickly before being put out on the market and the FDA, EPA and Department of Agriculture aren't looking at them closely enough to see what risks they pose! Also, GM foods are not required to be labeled. Essentially, you may not know what is in the "all-natural" produce you are eating!