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Ayn Rand's Life Story

Ayn Rand was born on February 2, 1905 in St. Petersburg, Russia. At the age of six, the young prodigy taught herself how to read! About 2 years later, when she was reading a French Magazine she found her first fictional hero for children. At the age of nine, she decided to start her fictional writing career. In high school, she became an eyewitness to the Kerensky and Bolshevik Revolution. In order to escape all the conflict, her family moved to Crimea, where she completed the rest of high school. When her family returned from Crimea, she entered the University of Petrogard to study philosophy and history. While graduating in the year of 1924, she experienced the demoralization of free exploration and takeover of the university by communist bandits. Bringing some enjoyment to her gray life, she enjoyed Western films and plays. She admired cinema so much, she entered the State Institute of Cinema Arts in 1924 to study screenwriting. In 1925, she published a pamphlet called "Pola Negri" in Moscow and Leningrad. That same year she received permission from Soviet Russia to go to the U.S. to visit her relatives. She was determined never to return to Russia, so she arrived in New York City in February 1926. She stayed with her relatives in Chicago for six months and obtained an extension to her visa. From then on, she went to Hollywood to continue her career as a screenwriter. In 1927, Reed was hired as a junior screenwriter for Cecil B. DeMille. Also, where she met her husband Frank O' Conor. Ayn Rand created the screen plays "Three Plays" and "The Early." She finalized her U.S. Citizenship in 1931. Several years of being without writing jobs, she decided to sell her screen play, "Red Pawn" to Universal Pictures. In late 1943, she returned to Hollywood to write her screenplay Fountainhead. This screenplay was rejected by 12 publishers until it was finally accepted by Bobbs-Merril Company. In 1951, she returned back to New York City and wrote her screen play Atlas Shrugged. This was also her last work of fiction. In the last years of her life, she lectured on her philosophy of Objectivism, or "the philosophy of living on earth." Ayn Rand died on March 6, 1982 in her New York City Apartment. She exposed screenwriting to the female population!
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My point of view of Ayn Reed

Ayn Reed was an inspirational writer. In my opinion, she opened up the doors for female writers like myself and screenwriters. I disliked one thing about Ayn Reed, while doing my research I found out Ayn Reed did not believe in God. I believe in a higher power, but everyone has a different perspective on religion. As a person, she was strong because she overcame many obstacles and road bumps on her journey to success. Some people may have disliked her because she was a female screenwriter and that wasn't common during those times. People also, may not have liked how strong she was about her beliefs and philosophies. How protective and strong she came off to be could rub some people the wrong way. I believe a women is supposed to come off a little strong because were pushed around so much.