Alpine Skiing

Sochi Winter Olympics 2014

Country Of Origin

Alpine Skiing originated in Kiandra Austria


  • In Alpine Skiing you need these safety gear.
  • Helmet,ski goggles , ski suit
  • Ski gloves,ski poles,reinforced boots
  • Skies,wrist straps and handle grips

Team or individual sport

Alpine Skiing is a Individual sport

Time allocation

The time allocation for Alpine Skiing is Two Minutes

Aim of the game

The Aim of the game for Alpine Skiing is to Finish with the fastest Time

How it is scored

It is scored by your Time

Alpine Skiing Rules

  • The slalom
  • In the slalom athletes need to ski through flags and gates to win.
  • The Super Giant (super g)
  • In the Super G you achieve great speeds.The person with the highest thorough the slalom gates to win.

2014 Medals

  • Anna Fenninger from Austria won gold in the Women's Slalom in a time of 1:44.33 minutes.
  • Kjetil Janstud from Norway won gold in the Men's slalom in a time of 2:06.43 minutes