First 90 Days?

Planning for success in the first three months on the job

"What's your plan?" you asked.

The plan is simply all about having objectives and a plan. Objectives will keep me strategically focused. The plan maps activity along a timeline, or calendar.
Objectives include preparing myself, accelerating my learning, and matching strategy to the situation - this will involve asking questions through use of the learning agenda and feedback through listening loops.
Working with staff and my supervisor negotiate success and secure early wins. Through this, we'll achieve alignment and build team.

In creating coalitions, I'll start with the team..taking time with one on one, and together. I'll meet with team members, individually--who they are and where they are--and learn about their gifts, talents, successes, challenges and the opportunities they see for this new chapter. Then, it's time to meet as a team--collectively talk about what great opportunities there are, what we might do collectively to set goals, understand timelines and success. We'll focus on strategy, structure, systems and culture.

Charting out key centers of influence will be important. Utilizing a learning agenda and listening loop strategy as we take time with these stakeholders will lead to building strong coalitions as we begin mapping our strategic plan.

Proactively engage with my supervisor

Learning what's expected of me and the constituent relations team is paramount. Some of the topics we'll cover will be:

  • Strategic plan
  • Business plan and schedule for integration
  • Budget
  • Personnel
  • Opportunities & Challenges
  • Benchmarks
  • Marching orders
  • Success factors
  • Clear expectations

Then start on a Path to Partnership - meet with key staff and lay leaders

Through a process of 'listening loops', ask questions, listen, clarify what we hear and gather answers through sharing feedback. This will will assist us in laying the groundwork for formulating a strategic plan for constituent relations. At the same time we'll begin the process for sharing the case for support for the funding initiative.

-and get us on track!

It's important to know if I'm delivering on expectations, asking the right questions, monitoring my progress and getting the support needed. Deliberately working on the objectives for keeping balance and to accelerate everyone through gaining trust--showing respect and earning buy-in--is paramount. Adopting structure for our processes and working on a core model will set our course so that by the end of 90 days, we'll be ready to set goals for the long term.