By: Cole Robinson

Background information

The capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires and some major cities are San juan and San Rafael. Argentina was controlled by the Spanish, but gained its independence in 1816. It's not controlled by another country today and their language is Spanish.

Geographical Information

Argentina is located in southern South America, bordering the Atlantic, between chile and Uruguay.

Political and Diplomacy information

The government of Argentina is a republic. The president is Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. The country has been on good terms with others country's. Also they have good trading with other countries and and has basically the same govern a as the United States.

Economic and trade information

The currency is Argentine Peso. It's a capitalism economic system. Argentina gets imports. Imports they get is cars,petroleum gas,vehicle parts,refined petroleum, and telephones. Argentina gets it from Brazil,China,United States,Germany, and Mexico. Argentina also exports soybean meal,corn,soybean oil,cars, and Spain. They export to Brazil,China,chile,Inited States, and Spain.

Tourist information

People should come and visit because of argentinas land markes and soccer team. Also to come and see Argentinas man made waterfall and how agriculture plays a big roll in there lives.