Geothermal Energy

By,Stephen B, Logan M, Liam B, Carter M, and David G


1.Geothermal energy is usually considered environmentally friendly and does not cause large amounts of pollution.

2.Geothermal reservoirs are naturally refilled and therefore renewable.

3. Massive potential-higher estimates show a worldwide potential of two TW, (terawatts).

4. Geothermal energy will last for billions of years.


1. Geothermal power plants can in extreme cases cause earthquakes.

2. Geothermal power is only renewable if the reservoirs are managed properly.

3. Geothermal energy is very expensive, total cost usually end up in between 2-7 million dollars.

Places in the US. Where Geothermal Energy is Found

  • California
  • Nevada
  • Oregon

How it Works

  1. The hot core of the Earth makes magma and then heats the Earth’s crust, which is made up of rocks and water.
  2. A two mile well drilled hole in the Earth’s surface captures the hot water and steam.
  3. Hot steam rises from the hole in the surface which pushes a turbine, therefor it rotates a generator.
  4. Electricity gets produced by the generator which gets sent to power lines, and then it brings electricity to homes and businesses.

Why Should we Use Geothermal Energy

It is good to use geothermal energy because it is a good renewable source. Even though it has some setbacks it is still good because it will always be around so we can’t run out of it. Another good thing it is almost found EVERYWHERE, and its mostly environmentally friendly. That’s why geothermal energy is important to use.

Fun Facts

1. The United States is the leader of geothermal energy use with geothermal power plants in seven states.

2.Geothermal energy will last for over billions of years.

3.Geothermal energy is found in underground reservoirs in volcanoes and geysers .

4. Sadly in 1997 a geothermal power plant caused an earthquake, in Switzerland.

5. The main use of geothermal energy is to heat houses.

Geothermal Energy Process