Mrs. P's Perfect Picks

Picks based off of your love of Sharon Draper's PANIC

What is the connection?

The books below all relate to the theme of Panic by Sharon Draper due to the heart-wrenching problems that each of these teens goes through. From being kidnapped, being in tough relationships, and being caught between making enormous life decisions, all of these books make you think about and reflect on the life choices you make daily and how you cope with these choices.

Here what actual students have to say!

Students who have read these books comment:

"Everything is crazy" - Reghan Dunn

"The character is enticed into the social world of the popular kids" - Ana Pixler

"It's pretty epic" - Emily Cornish

"Peer pressure reaches a pivotal crossroad in life" - Paisley Lanouette

"Very relatable to Panic by Sharon Draper" - Mandolyn Magaw

Mrs. P's Perfect Picks

Dianne Pantalone

SLM504 - Literature for Young Adults