Ohio university

How dose the ghost haunt?

History on the ghosts

Ohio university in Athens is probably the most haunted collage campus in the whole country. Wilson hall is the most famous haunted campus at ohio university it is said to be the home of a ghost that had died in a mysterious way.(Dark shadow ghost, 2016) Jefferson hall the 2nd most haunted hall was haunted by a woman that looked like a schoolteacher but was floating out of her chair and was transparent and lived in a unused room in Jefferson hall. (Ohio university, 2016)


Wilson hall: wilson hall was was haunted by a ghost that hauted the door by putting a demond- like face on the door and they keep replacing the door but the face keeps comeing back. ( dark shadow ghost,2016)
Jefferson hall: In 1996 there was a group of students that were exploring the attic shortly after the fall quarter. When they looked in an unused room they found a woman sitting in a desk in the corner of the room. Shortly after they had started to talk to her they noticed that she was transparent and floating above her chair. (Ohio university,2016)
Wilson hall: There have been people that hear footsteps, poltergeist activity( like moving things, slaming doors, and stuff turning on and off by its self) flickering lights and much more in wilson hall. (dark shadow ghost,2016)

What are the the theories?

Theory 1: The ghost usually haunts with poltergeist activity
Theory 2: the ghost usually haunts by moving stuff
Theory 3: The ghost usually haunts with nosies

What I believe

With much reserch I found out that the ghosts at ohio university do Multiple things when there haunting.There is mostly poltergeist activity such as moving things, slaming doors, turning on and off things. There has also been flickering lights, the sounds of footsteps, and the sounds of a hundred marbles being dropped on the floor above you. ( ohio university,2016)
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