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Illinois' test scores and schools compared with other states


I will be comparing Massachusetts, a better education system, Illinois, an okay education system, and South Carolina, a poor education system.

ACT Scores

23% of graduates from Massachusetts took the ACT and they had the best scores in 2014.

100% of graduates from Illinois took the ACT and had little below average scores.

58% of graduates from South Carolina took the ACT and had low scores.

Experts averaged out each state's composite, English, Reading, Math, and Science ACT scores and this is what they came up with:

Massachusetts - Composite - 24.4. English - 24.2. Reading - 24.6. Math - 24.6. Science - 23.8.

Illinois - Composites - 20.7. English - 20.3. Reading - 20.8. Math - 20.7. Science - 20.6.

South Carolina - Composite - 20.4. English - 19.8. Reading - 20.9. Math - 20.2. Science - 20.4.

SAT Scores

The average percent of students that met or exceeded the standards on the Illinois Standard Achievements Test are:

Reading - 57% (2% lower than last year)

Mathematics - 60% (A percent higher than last year)

Composite - 59% (The same as the year before)

School System Quality

Experts ranked school quality based on highest math test scores, highest reading test scores, highest average SAT scores, and lowest drop out rate.

Massachusetts was ranked second, Illinois was ranked eighth, and South Carolina was ranked forty-seventh.

The states were then ranked on safety combining the aspects of "safest schools" and "lowest bullying incident rates."

Massachusetts was ranked ranked number one, Illinois was number thirty-two, and South Carolina was number twenty-four.

Combing these two, here is the overall rank:

Massachusetts number one, Illinois number ten, and South Carolina number forty-five.

What has Illinois done to help improve test scores?

Some schools have taken initiative to help improve their test scores. Morrison, for example, noticed a drop in reading test scores, so about two years ago they started requiring their student's to read every Wednesday during homeroom to help improve the student's reading test scores. Also, on August 27, 2014, the Illinois State Board of Education partnered with Arts Alliance Illinois. The goals for this alliance are: to strengthen arts education policy implementation capacity in Illinois, establish arts requirements for all secondary and post-secondary institutions, include arts education data in relevant education data systems, increase local stakeholder knowledge of access, equity, and quality, strengthen teacher recruitment, retention, performance, and professional development, improve school leadership knowledge of arts education, and update and utilize state-level arts learning standards.

What is the final ranking for education?

To wrap it up, Massachusetts is ranked number one, Illinois is ranked number 30, and South Carolina is ranked last.

Illinois test scores are not awful, but they are certainly not the best. It is somewhere in the middle when it comes to which states have the best test scores.