Hempstead Elementary News

Week of January 18, 2021

Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.!

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Hempstead Elementary Beliefs

"Building Learners " in 2020

Vision: We create a world of learning built on a foundation of care and respect that unifies parents, students, teachers and community as one.

Mission: Learn, Care, Respect

Motto: One Town, One Team, One Goal

Targeted Improvement Plan Focus Areas

5.1 - Objective-driven daily lesson plans with formative assessments

5.3 - Data-driven instruction

Students of the Month

Our students of the Month had an opportunity to participate in the Roving Chef program. They made their very own calzone and it was mmm, mmm, mmm good!
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Report Cards and MAP Reports

Report cards and MAP Reports will mailed home January 22nd.

Las boletas de calificaciones y los informes MAP se enviaran por correo a casa el 22 de enero.

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Multiplication Winners

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Happy Birthday Staff Members

January Babies

Ms. Cleveland - 1/1

Ms. Branton - 1/2

Ms. Collins - 1/3

Ms. McHale - 1/11

Ms. Alexander - 1/13

Ms. Eckermann - 1/15

Ms. Lager - 1/21

Ms. Creeks - 1/22

Mr. Oyervides 1/28

Ms. Walles - 1/28