All about Smallpox!

By: Kiley Guthrie and Breyana Paterson

What is the cause of smallpox and how is it spread?

The cause of smallpox is variola disease! It is spread from one person to another and can also be spread by touching an infected bodily fluid like saliva. It can also be spread by touching contaminated objects such as bedding or clothing.

What are the symptoms of this disease and how is it treated?

You may have a high fever, chills, headache, severe back pain, abdominal pain, rashes, and vomiting. You may also have malaise which is if you fill sick or have discomfort. You may witness these symptoms if you have or get smallpox. There is no proven treatment for smallpox but you may be helped by intravenous fluids, medicine to control fever or pain, and antibiotics.
Smallpox VS. Polka Dots

Ways you can prevent yourself from getting this disease.

To prevent this disease you can get a smallpox vaccine or you can be kept in isolation to prevent other people from getting sick because it is contagious. If you are around someone with smallpox and you are afraid of getting it, go home and wash your skin thoroughly with soap and water. Another way is to stay away from enclosed areas if someone is sick inside the area.


  • Abraham Lincoln was one of the survivors of smallpox!
  • The first evidence of smallpox was found in Ancient China from 1122 B.C. and India from 1500 B.C.
  • Insects and animals cannot transmit smallpox.
  • Death of small pox occurs in up to 30% of cases!