Chinese Cinderella

by: Kenzie McMahan


Exposition 1.) As Adiline is a little girl, her mother dies 3 days after her birth because of a fever and everybody in her family blames her mother's on her.

Rising Action 2.) As she grows up, her father gets remarried. And they have to move to Tianjin and live a new life there.

Climax 3.) Adeline was later sent to a boarding school because her father, step-mother, and half brothers think that she is "no use" and a disgrace to their family.

Falling Action 2.) Adeline's Aunt Renie "rescues" Adelin from the boarding school, and Adeline gets to see her cousins Victor and Claudine who she loves being with because they treat her like real family. But it is not long before Adeline goes back to spend several weeks with her family.

Resolution 1.) Later on, Adeline wins a writing competition and her father is extremly proud of her. Because of her winning the writing contest, her father sends her to a medical school to study medicine.

The Setting

Chinese Cinderella takes place in Tianjin during World War ll (one of the smaller settings was a boarding school in Hong Kong).


Adeline was born as a 5th child to the Yen Mah family, but her mother dies 3 days later of a fever and everyone in her family blames it on her. So she claims she has always had bad luck with her family. Adeline never has love with her parents and the only love she gets is the love from her Ye Ye and her Aunt Baba. Later on, her father disappears to Tianjin and all children get to take turns seeing him. So when Adelines turn comes around, her father sends her away to boarding school. A few years later, she enters a writing competition wondering if she will win or not. She found out she won! When she told her father, he was very pleased to hear the news. Her father had finally been proud of her. So he sent her away to medical school to study medicine.

Author and Author's Purpose

Adeline Yen Mah wrote this book because she wanted to show and describe to the world what her life was like as a little girl.


Man .vs. Man:

- When adeline was being abused physically by her mother

Man .vs. Society:

- All the members of her family (not including Ye Ye and Aunt Baba) are treating her like a curse or bad luck.

Chinese Cinderella Trailer

My Opinion

The Chinese Cinderella is a very sad story about a little girl who is always treated like a second class citizen. I really liked this book but it is a very sad story.