Come Visit Jamaica

The Basics About Jamaica

Jamaica is off of the Caribbean Sea. Its just south of Cuba. Its mostly tropical and humid here. Its usually in the 80's and 90's. Between the months of a July and November is when hurricanes happen the most. Jamaica is mostly mountains and water.

How To Fit In

Jamaica's language is mostly Patois also called Jamaican creole. Spoken only in Jamaica. They also speak English. Some of there folkways are when a newly house it built they have priest or pastor come in for a "House Blessing". Another folkway is if there is a guest in your house for to long and you want them to leave turn the broom upside down and there will soon leave.

Digging Deeper Into Culture

Jamaica is a labor party and a SLP. There houses are made out of steel/bars, concrete and building blocks. There culture has about 90% black, 1% east Indian and 7% mixed, few whites and Chinese. Jamaica has changed from being a Spanish colony in 1494 to 1655. Then it was a British colony from 1655 to 1962. It soon became a independence in 1962.