ELC Newsletter

February 12, 2016

Love is in the Air

Across Early Childhood, 4K. and 5K, there have been many Valentine's celebrations yesterday and today. Some of the boxes that students created or the way they decorated their goodie bags was amazing. Thanks to all the parents and volunteers, who helped out with the parties, brought or sent in treats. The cold weather didn't stop everyone from showing their warm caring hearts for each other!

The Next Ellie Award Winner

The newest winner of the Ellie Award is Mrs. Jennifer Zwieg. Mrs. Zwieg teacher 4K in the Arts for Kids Program. She has morning and afternoon sessions, with some very creative ideas. She posts student work for all to see, has many family activities, and takes some fun fieldtrips. Congratulations to Mrs. Zwieg!

And the Winners are......

The staff participated in a February Trivia contest this week and there was a five way tie for the winners at 75% accuracy. The group of winners who really know their trivia are: Linda Chisholm, Sharon Toellner, Megan Frees, Beth Dardis, and Wendy Hayes. Way to go guys! The spelling by the way is paczki...........

Remember Angelman Awareness Day

On Monday, February 15th, we will help celebrate Angelman Awareness Day. Angelman syndrome is a neuro-developmental disorder that is characterized by severe intellectual and developmental, sleep disturbance, seizures jerky movements (especially hand-flapping), frequent laughter or smiling, and a very happy demeanor. It is caused by deletion or an inactivation of maternally inherited genes. Please wear your Angelman Awareness T-Shirts on Monday to help show your support.

In Service Day on February 19th

For in service day next week, teachers will report to FLC in the morning and you will continue the work on the learning targets, assessment, data driven decision making, in the groups you had worked in, at the January in service meeting. In the afternoon, time is given to teachers to work on OASYS or other district initiatives within their PLC groups.

For instructional assistants, your training will be in the Board Room and DMR, beginning at 7;30 AM. It will be an all day training, with time left for lunch.

Upcoming Events at ELC

Monday, February 15: Autism Grant Meeting in the afternoon

Friday, February 19th: No school for students; Staff In Service Day

Tuesday, February 23 and 25: Afternoon Parent Teacher Conferences

Friday, February 26: No School; Conference off set day

Wednesday, March 3: 4:00-9:00 Interviews for Curriculum and Instruction Position

Shout outs and Thank Yous

Thanks to Dave Mand, Mary Schulze, and Cliff Unertl for all they did in our building this week. The boiler went out, and was fixed, then the sump pump broke and was repaired, and on Wednesday, the sewer water backed up into the drain in the kitchen, and they called in help and had a big mess to clear up. THANKS GUYS! We don't know what we'd do without you!

My Out of Building Times:

Monday, Feb. 15th: 7;15 FLC PST; PM Autism Grant

Tuesday, Feb. 16th: 9;00 Admin Mtg; 3:00 Transition meeting in DMR

Wed., Feb.17th: 9:00 BAMS BCT; 1;00 HMHS BCT

Thurs., Feb. 18th: MPTC from 8:30-10 and from 3-5:00

Friday, Feb. 19th : DMR all day