Causes of World War I

Audreana Taylor


Militarism is: Was another cause of the war, was similar to the arms race of today. Because Britain had a great navy, Germany wanted a great navy too. Germany and France competed for larger armies. The more one nation built up its army and navy, the more other nations felt they had to do the same.


Alliances is: A union association formed by mutual benefits


Nationalism is: The causes of the war included such forces as NATIONALISM, or patriotism. Nationalism led European nations to compete for the largest army and navy, or the greatest industrial development. It also gave groups of subject peoples the idea of forming independent nations of their own.


Imperialism is: Another cause was that European nations ruled smaller countries, which are called colonies, and competed with each other to amass more colonies. Gathering colonies became known as IMPERIALISM. Both France and Britain had many colonies in Africa and Asia. Now Germany

and Italy decided they wanted a colonial empire too.

Assination of Archduck

He was assinated in June 28 of 1914.