Haleakala national park

Haleakala is a great place for a vacation.Haleakala is located in Hawaii haui. It is at the height 33,265 and the Acres of the mountain is 19,270.Haleakala has great hotels.
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A great place to stay for a vacation. This is one of the once active volcanos it is called Haleakala crater it has not been active for 76 years

Haleakala is from the range of 80°F to 30°F the is the average temperature. The history is the culture resources we have inherited from the past is our knowledge.

They are ensuring that no adult or child to Rouen plants and the bears to not attack the wild life.the bears are are attacking Haleakala national park

The importance of the park is is that it has beautiful views and mountains . Also has culture and religion and archeological sightes.