Penn Welcomes You To Pennsylvania!

Quaker On The Loose!

William Penn, former quaker, founded Pennsylvania. This quaker got a once in a lifetime opportunity because he was the son of a leading supporter of King Charles II. Quakers were commonly imprisoned in England. Penn happened to be imprisoned four times!

Home of (Stacked) Self-Governmentt

Our colony of Pennsylvania was up and running in 1682! Rapid growth and successful support has caused Pennsylvania to thrive; not to mention the great promises Pennsylvania and William Penn have to offer! Pennsylvania is a self-governing colony, which is cheap to buy, and where everyone has religious freedom. The only downside is that William Penn stacked our government to benefit the merchant elite. Many people want to come to Pennsylvania so badly that to pay off the cost of transportation, they agree to become indentured servants and work for an employer for a certain amount of time to pay off their debt from travel costs. Our colony is against slavery so we do not allow it in our colony. Willian Penn is a genius; this man mapped out our city with a grid so it'd be laid out perfectly for our likening. Our colony was beautifully we all thought out. Everything is nicely spread out on the water (creeks and rivers) and we have a comfortable distance from our neighbors. The space us nice and much needed because we already have over 4,000 people living in our new colony! The population continues to grow, due to William Penn's brilliant policies, and its very diverse! Our colony is filled with different languages and religions, yet is still efficient. We also have really good relations with the Indians, which has really helped our colony succeed with minimum conflicts.

Research taken from Of the People: A History of the United States and