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May 9, 2016

Greetings from First Grade!

Things have been exciting and busy around Meadowbrook Farms school. We have enjoyed PBIS rallies, Reading Week, seed plantings and Mother's Day crafts. Here's hoping we will be able to enjoy some outdoor recess this week...rain, rain go away!

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We just completed Unit 12 in FUNDATIONS. Our test focussed on multisyllabic words. Students have done a wonderful job learning how to write and mark these words.

We are continuing our phonics exploration in Unit 13 this week. We will be exploring inflected endings (s, es, ing) on our words. As always, we will use a variety of modalities to learn and master these words...dry erase boards, tile boards, dictation and body spelling. You never know what the day will hold!


We finished our math assessments on solving all addition and subtraction problem types within 20. Students worked on using various strategies to find the solutions. We practiced with ten frames, number lines, diagrams, double facts, double plus 1 and part/part whole. Students were expected to retrieve the important information from the word problems, circle important information and chose a strategy that would work best in determining a solution. Students have done a wonderful job familiarizing themselves with all the strategies and using them appropriately.

We are currently working on telling time to the half hour as well as representing and organizing data. Students will be working on picture and bar graphs throughout this unit of study.


In our new science kit we are exploring seeds and plants. We have been putting our green thumbs to the test with various plantings. So far, so good! We will continue working with these plants to learn about the life cycle of plants. We have had success thus far with our fast growing brassica seeds. These plants will enable us to see the whole life cycle of the plant from seed to stem to pod to seed again.

things to look forward to...

Star Testing May 15th

Field Trips May 27th June 2 June 10

Thank you to all families for your wonderful treats during Staff Appreciation week. It was so kind and thoughtful of you all.

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