ACE Newsletter

June 2019

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Dear ACE Family,

Thank you for ending the year in such a positive way. We are excited that our students will have many summer opportunities to continue learning. There have been so many successes this year. We cannot wait to share updates throughout the summer related to attendance data, discipline data, and test scores.

We are so grateful for your service and send many wishes for a restful and rejuvenating summer. You have led remarkable transformation this year and Accelerated Campus Excellence! We see so much promise on the horizon and look forward to welcoming everyone back in August ready to take on the new year!


It was always going to be about courage.

It was always going to be about sacrifice . . .

. . . about near-impossible odds . . .and hope . . .

About a journey few would dare to brave,

A risk to leave familiar shores

To face the darkness and rough waters.

It was always going to be about courage,

To persevere and stay the course

And show the mettle of leadership

When all about is storm-tossed

And filled with doubt or fear.

To you is left only the quiet of the night,

To rekindle strength all but spent

And the early morning just before dawn

Surveying the horizon

And with the first glint of morning

Knowing that your destination is ever drawing near.

And should we reach our destination still standing,

knowing in our hearts what it really took,

without fanfare or reward, we will look across the way to each other

and say, simply, well done.

Happy Summer,

ACE Core Team

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2019-2020 Start Date: ACE 2.0 Teachers and 3.0 Teacher Leaders

We cannot wait to kick off the 2019-2020 school year with ACE Principals, APs, CICs, Counselors, 2.0 Teachers, & 3.0 Teacher Leaders on AUGUST 1st!

All 3.0 Teachers that are NOT teachers leaders will follow the regular district calendar and return on August 8th.

ACE Summit 2019

We cannot wait to host ACE Principals, APs, CICs, and 3.0 Teacher Leaders at our ACE Summit! Please see details below.
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Dallas ISD P2LD

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2019-2020 Professional Learning Agreement

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Sanford Harmony Training Deep Dive

Get PD hours this summer during P2LD! One great opportunity being offered is a deep dive into Sanford Harmony to help you prepare for morning meetings offered specifically for ACE teachers and staff!

In this session participants will review the Sanford Harmony SEL resources, including how to use the online tools and plan out lessons that align to the Dallas ISD SH Pacing Guide to help build a healthy classroom community.

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Attention Literacy Teachers--Training on the New TEKS!

Training on the new TEKS will be held during content sessions at P2LD this summer! Be sure to attend to learn more about how the TEKS have been changed for the 2019-2020 school year!
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