10 Rules for Utopian Society

10 Rules

1. No citizens shall partake in any religious activity in order to prevent conflict between religions.

2. There shall be no violence or crime within the society.

3. The citizens dictate how the society will be ran and the citizens alone together will make all the decisions as a whole.

4. Education is required to those between ages seven through eighteen in order for the society to be benefited from educated people to make rational decisions.

5. Citizens are not permitted to have any weapons unless they are protecting the society.

6. Everyone will be treated equally no matter the race.

7. All citizens have to opportunity to provide for themselves and/or their family by having an occupation readily available and available to anyone needing one.

8. Everyone has the right to their own privacy at any time.

9. Drug use not prescribed is not permitted under no circumstances.

10. If any laws are broken, the person or persons will be immediately exiled from the society with no exceptions.