the french revolutionary war


who revolted

the french were tired of the way they were treated and they decided to revolt.

why they revolted

the french revolted because of the lack of jobs and food also the bread was really expensive. also the ideas of the enlightenment.

how they organized

it was a spontaneous event the king and military had no idea it just happened.

how they overthrew the govt.

they started by taking all of the bread and then started the civil war took control from him and killed him. thus happened the french revolution.

how the govt. responded

the king and queen tried to flee to paris but were caught. and he was forced to give over his power.

how was the govt. same or different after

well. not much besides the fact he was dead...

what long lasting effects did the war have on the people

it opened their way of thinking and it enlightened them.
Big image

the picture above shows when the french went to confront the military.

Big image

this picture shows how it looked while the civil war was in action.

Big image

this last image shows when they were about to execute the french king.

French Revolution In 5 Minutes Animation

the video above tells you everything you need to know in 5 minutes