The Leader

By: Bree G period 2

Then one bullet raced to the back of his head as the shooter jumped of the balcony. All was quiet, for it was the day of the election for president. Then the room burst with noise as the news reporter said "America your new president is Abraham Lincoln". There were people crying, laughing, and mad.

Some people thought Mr.Lincoln shouldn't be president. Before he was president, Abe was a simple little boy born in Kentucky . When you asked Abe what he wanted to be when he grew up Abe would say a lawyer, and that dream did come true for little Abe. He also got engaged to a beautiful woman, but unfortunately it didn't workout.

So after that he choose to move out of Kentucky. That's when he met Mary Todd. Now at the time Lincoln was a lawyer. Through his job he got the nickname Honest Abe, why because he could never bring himself to lie. Lincoln being a lawyer he didn't have much free time, bur when he did Abe would read books, look at trains, and go watch plays.

Then one faithful day Abe asked Mary to marry him, she said yes. Then Lincoln decided he wanted to run for representative for the state of Illinois. Lincoln won the election and got married to Mary the same year. After he was the representative for 4 years, he ran for president. He didn't win his first election, but he didn't give up. So Abe went on to win his second try at running for president.

He was president during the Civil War and slavery. Abe thought slavery was wrong wanted to end slavery, some people thought slavery was good. So the country became two different side one was the north which wanted to end slavery, and one was the south which didn't want to end slavery. The south had a president and the north had a president. Abe was the president of the north.

One day a man named John Wilkes Booth, decided he was going to kill Lincoln. So one night while Lincoln was at Fords Theater, he was sitting in the presidential suit. When all of a sudden John walks up behind Abe and shoots him in the head. Then as the bullet raced straight to the back of his as John Wilkes Booth jumped of the balcony and broke his ankle. Then Booth was shot 2 days later.

So thanks to Abe we no longer have slavery, the country is no longer spilt into two different parts. The world is know the perfect place to be. So that's why Abraham Lincoln is the best American president


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