No Teachers Left Behind

How can you help teach our teacehrs

How can we ensure that our teachers are learning right along with the students as technology is rapidly changing? We have to keep the teachers aboard on what the students are learning in the classroom. So, how do we do this. The common core was developed to help provide guidance as teachers teach in the classroom. I believe all teachers have a method of teaching following the common core. They just have to figure out how to teach it to the students so they understand it. Teachers have to be more qualified then the students they teach and most meet a certain criteria. I believe that to be true or else anyone could just go into a classroom and think they can teach although they do not have the skill. I feel all teachers should follow the general guidelines to teaching so therefore, it will come easier to them once they have mastered their action plan of teaching the material so the students understand it. With the way things are consistently changing it makes it difficult to continue to relearn the material and teach it to the students but it can be done.